Put Some March Madness in Your Life

The days are getting warmer, the cherry blossom trees are blooming, and I will talk, text, and tweet obsessively about basketball for the next month. Not only is Spring my favorite season, it’s March Madness!

One of the things I love most about the NCAA Division I men’s basketball tournament is the concept of seeding. It has to be done to determine the bracket, but all these rankings really do is create an illusion of organized chaos that results in “madness.” The first day of this year’s tourney was a great day for underdogs. A 12th-seeded team beat a 5th-seeded team, 13 beat 4, and 11 beat 6. That’s the thrill of it. Any team can win on any given day. It doesn’t matter how much better their opponent is according to the seeding. One of the first madness moments happened when Demonte Harper, of 13th-seeded Morehead State, drained a 3-pointer with 4.2 seconds left to upset No. 4 Louisville, 62-61. Upon learning in the huddle that the game deciding play was designed for him Harper told his coach, “I’ll make the shot.”

Do you ever feel like you’ve been seeded? It’s a fact of life that people are ranked according to past performances and perceived ability. Test scores, GPAs, and salaries are just a few examples. What are some others? Don’t let those numbers or rankings determine who you are and how successful you will be. Believe you can win despite the odds. Will you bring everything you’ve got when it’s tournament time? Will you perform in the moment©?

Coach Beverly Knight once told me that every time I step onto the court I need to clear my mind of the past and focus on giving my best performance. Otherwise, I shouldn’t even bother to lace up my shoes. Treat each day of your life like it’s March Madness. The regular season is over. Now is the time to give it your all and hold nothing back. Will you be one of the underdogs who shocks everyone with an upset?

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  1. DIL:
    Read all your posts and I must say you writing is expressive and legitament. Your take on chronic pain was “spot on”. March Madness was clever.
    Keep it up…..you have a winner and yes it is all about relationships.

  2. Robert Taylor says:

    I’m a big fan of the “tourney”, and I like how you related that to everyday life. You’re right. Given the right mindset, approach, and effort (and in some cases, a little luck), anyone can achieve great things.

    Keep it up, Coalter. Love the writing!

    • Thanks, Taylor! I also hope this post will help some of my friends understand why the men in their lives love the tournament so much. It excitement applies to more than just basketball fans.

  3. Tracy,

    No matter who we “cheer” for or pick in our brackets, I think we are all secretly thrilled when the underdog beats Goliath and ruins everyone’s brackets. Much like some other underdogs from a little backwater part of the Roman Empire changed the world by following Jesus.

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