There really ARE children starving in Africa

We’ve all heard it. Or said it. “Eat your dinner; there are children starving in Africa.” We are desensitized to the idea. It is so far from our reality and our ability to comprehend. But there ARE children starving in Africa. The problem is so overwhelming that many people think, “There is nothing I could ever do about it.” Well that’s simply not true.

My amazing friend Heidi left her corporate job to make a difference. She works in leadership development for World Vision International, an amazing non-profit organization that fights poverty and injustice around the world. My sister-in-law recently did the same thing. They are making personal sacrifices and using their gifts to help others.

What are YOU doing? What can you use to serve others? Is it your skills, your time, your money? We all have something valuable that we can give. You might not be able to quit your job and work full time for an organization like World Vision, but can you give up $10? Of course you can! Text “FAMINE” to “20222” to donate now. I just did.

What are some things you spend $10 on that you could give up this week? Two trips to Starbucks? (For me it would be just one trip, because I can’t resist the petite vanilla scones). A new toy for your child? A music download on iTunes? Leave a comment below to name what you can give up this week.

Here in America we are drowning in negativity. The economy sucks, the stock market is in the tank, and we are not experiencing the prosperity that the citizens of this country often enjoy. There are earthquakes and hurricanes. But could most of us find $10 to feed our children if we had to? Most of us could. If you saw this mother walking several miles to find food for her children would you give her something to eat? I think you would. And you can. Simply text “FAMINE” to “20222” to donate $10. YOU can fight famine and hunger in the Horn of Africa. Learn more on the World Vision Blog.

Photo Credit: Jon Warren, WV Photographer



  1. Missed this post while we were traveling. What is amazing is what God can do when we choose to put what we have in His hands. Thanks for your love, your support, and for using your gifts to change the world. So thankful to share this corner of the planet with you.

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