The Awesome Power of Showing Appreciation

Stop for a minute and think about the people in your life who do things for you. Do you appreciate them, and if so, do they know about it?

I’m honored to guest post about this topic on Michael Hyatt’s blog today.

Michael is the chairman of Thomas Nelson Publishers, the largest Christian publishing company in the world. His blog is focused on “intentional leadership” with the philosophy that if you are going to lead well, you must be thoughtful and purposeful about it.

Appreciation is powerful. Want some ideas on applying it to your relationships? Head on over to my post The Awesome Power of Showing Appreciation and join in the conversation. See you there!



  1. Neville L says:

    Great stuff! Thanks for sharing your words of wisdom with all of us.

  2. Great Stuff, Tracy.

    This is great spiritual guidance & wisdom for bloggers (and everyone else).
    A community of bloggers (at my blog) is tackling issues of virtue that get overshadowed by the fast-past inter web world we now live in (March-April). This fits in well with this theme.

    To anyone interested…come visit and join in!

  3. I’m so glad that you were a guest author on Michael Hyatt’s blog today! Loved the post and love your blog. Appreciation is too often overlooked in our busy lives, but WOW what a difference it can make in my day when someone expresses it toward me. I was diagnosed with cancer last year and I’ve had plenty of people to express appreciation to in the months since – it makes a world of difference and prevents us from taking them, and their efforts, for granted. I’ve even seen employee satisfaction surveys where more people said they would rather receive recognition and appreciation than a raise. Good stuff, Tracy!

    • Thank you for reading my guest post and taking the time to check out my blog. Great to see you over here on Time with Tracy! We do get so busy that it’s easy to forget the importance of showing appreciation to people. I’m glad the post meant something to you, especially in the midst of your personal circumstances. I’ll be praying for your peace and strength in this battle with cancer. My best to you!

  4. Love your piece! Going to write my wife a similar email so it’s there waiting for her at work tomorrow morning.

  5. Hey Tracy! This piece is perfect for me – and probably thousands of others. As a wife (and let’s just say a very organized, over-prepared, planner-liking, to-do list-writing one), I tend to write those reminder emails, notes or texts to my husband as well. While my intentions are all the best, your blog entry reminds me how important it is to cover my husband (and others) in love and encouragement – to be deliberate in doing so, as well. Thanks for doing that. 🙂

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    Follow us on @faithvillage or me at @amberdobecka.

    Love what you’re doing, and oh by the way, beautiful photos you have! 🙂

    • I appreciate your encouragement, Amber! Glad this post resonated with you. I look forward to checking out faith village. Thanks for sharing it with me!

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