Candy Corn Cookie Cemetery

My poor kids drew the short straw when it comes to having a crafty-type mom. I try, but baking and glueing aren’t my thing. That’s why I love this easy, no-bake Halloween treat. Bonus: it’s delicious. The recipe makes two batches. Give one to a neighbor, or if you’re OCD like me, have one for the kids to decorate and one you can make with perfect-looking rows.

It’s also a great recipe if you’re without power due to hurricane Sandy. The beating/mixing can all be done by hand. No electric mixer or oven required.


Two packages Oreo cookies
Two 8 ounce packages cream cheese, softened
Two 3.4 ounce packages instant vanilla pudding mix
4 cups milk
2 cups powered sugar
Two 8 ounce containers frozen Cool Whip topping, thawed
Candy Corn
Two shallow, rectangular aluminum trays with lids

First, set aside about 20 Oreos to make the tombstones. Cut two sides off each cookie, keeping the scraps. Combine remaining cookies from both packages with scraps and crush. You can do this easily in a food processor. Or put them in a plastic bag and hit repeatedly with a mallet or meat tenderizer. (I prefer the second method if highly stressed after reading how many of your Facebook friends have started their Christmas shopping.)

In large bowl, whip cream cheese with an electric mixer on medium speed. In a separate bowl, whisk together dry vanilla pudding mix and milk for about two minutes. This is good exercise for those upper arms you want to show off in your holiday dresses next month. So don’t forget to switch arms at the minute mark. Add the pudding mixture to cream cheese, along with powdered sugar and whipped topping. Beat until well blended.

Spread a layer of crushed cookies on the bottom of each pan. Next spoon a layer of cream cheese mixture over the cookies. Repeat the layers and finish with a good ground covering of cookie crumbs for the cemetery. Arrange the cookie tombstones and candy corn as desired. Cover and chill for two hours before serving. Keep in the fridge.

Happy Haunting!




  1. Kathy at kissing the frog says:

    My boys saw me open this, and now they’re all begging me to make it! Looks yummy!!

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