3 Easy Ways to Show Gratitude

For many of us, Thanksgiving week marks the beginning of the stressful holiday season. Days riddled with anxiety and a 500% increase in our to-do lists replace what should be time spent enjoying family, friends, and being thankful.

But what does being thankful look like? Is it volunteering 40 hours in a soup kitchen? Getting expensive gifts for everyone in your life? Or do you have to sit in a room by yourself all day and meditate on your blessings? You don’t need to have that kind of time or resources to be thankful.

Here are 3 easy ways to show gratitude:

  1. Text a friend. Send a quick message to tell someone you miss them and why you’re thankful to have them in your life.
  2. Pick up the phone. Nobody calls anyone anymore. We email or text more than we should. Your voice is a gift. Call someone who needs to hear from you.
  3. Write a short note. Handwriting is the most personal way to communicate when you can’t be with a loved one in person. Pick up a pen and write a few heartfelt words.

Need inspiration? Consider these specific ideas:

  1. Text your mom a simple “I love you.” Not on the same day you send “sorry I haven’t called,” or “oh crap I can’t find grandma’s cornbread stuffing recipe!”
  2. Call someone who works for you. Tell them they’re doing a great job and you’re thankful to have them on your team.
  3. Put a note in the mailbox for your mailman. Something as simple as “Thank you for delivering our mail every day. Happy Thanksgiving!”
  4. Think of an old friend you’re thankful to have known in a former season of life or who made an impact on you. Write a quick message on their Facebook wall.
  5. Say thank you to people you encounter throughout the day. At the grocery store, the office, school, etc.

No matter what you do to express it, being thankful is a state of mind. Practice focusing on the good things in your life. Dwell less on the bad. And do something to show others you’re grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving!

What are some other simple ways to show thanks?



  1. therealheidib says:

    I love how my girls faces light up when I thank them for the myriad of ways they bless my life. (It is helpful to do this in small doses!). It builds them up and cultivates in them a spirit of thankfulness. Plus, when they are driving me crazy, it is a huge reminder to chill out – and holds back the tide of overreaction.

    Thanks for your great suggestions, Tracy. I am thankful you share your gifts with us in this blog. Keep it up, please.

  2. Tracy, for some reason, I’m just now stumbling across this post. What a great reminder that everything we do doesn’t have to be grandiose to really make an impact. You’re so right. A random phone call or hand-written note can mean so much. We get so wrapped up in trying to do EVERYTHING — especially this time of year. Sometime, we just need to slow down, and ask ourselves what small thing can I do for someone else? (with an emphasis on simply small yet still great impact.) I’m definitely going to think about those things more often. Thanks for sharing, girl!

    • Hi Amber! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. My goal each year is to write a handwritten note in each of the Christmas cards I send. People just don’t do that anymore, and I think it’s so important!

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