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“Brilliant mix of intelligence and wit. Time with Tracy is food for your brain and strength for your soul. No matter where life finds you, you’ll find something here to make you smile and keep you thinking.”

Heidi Brandow, Global Leadership Development, World Vision International

“Tracy is the real deal. A brilliant mind out to make this world a better place. Her strength, wit, and charm are genuine and inspiring. On a personal note, she really is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Makes you want to hate her, but she’s too amazing to hate!”

Wendy Scheppke, Real Estate Pro with Solomon Homes in South Florida

“I normally try to avoid reading altogether, but Tracy actually has something interesting and worthwhile to contribute. Thanks to her I have expanded my reading list outside of Twitter and Facebook.”

Jason Hunter, Professional Comedian, featured in Golf Digest’s 18 Most Annoying Golf Partners

“Tracy packs wit, insight, humor, and authenticity into every post. She is a real leader who is embracing every moment that she has been given to impact her family and her community.”

Mike Van Hoozer, Author of the book Moments: Making Your Life Count for What Matters Most and Peak Performance Coach to business leaders, entrepreneurs, and elite athletes

“Who knew that to-die-for shoes, sassy sarcasm and dazzling math skills translate into fabulous writing?!?!”

Katie Skarke, Former student, and Senior at the University of Texas

“As a student in Tracy’s Algebra class, I experienced not only her talent as an instructor but also her genuine charisma and warmth. Her passion for her students’ progress and continued growth was unparalleled. Even though I was not the strongest math student, Tracy persistently challenged me to achieve higher marks and she developed my appreciation for mathematics. To this day, she is a trusted friend and a source of encouragement and guidance.”

Alex Freiberg, Junior at Tufts University

“I was an 8th grader in Tracy’s algebra class, obsessed with all things Usher and no things involving y=mx+b. She afforded me patience and kindness and used her spare time to help me with math outside of class. Now that I’m a senior in college, Tracy still radiates warmth as she offers me support, advice and friendship. It is a testament to her commitment to relationships, that with 8 years and 1,500 miles between us we keep in regular contact. Her gift is being able to find a little piece of any person within herself, so as to connect with and nurture anyone who crosses her path.”

Valerie Bisharat, Senior at New York University

“Tracy’s insights go beyond typical face value ideas and deliver inspiration and truth to those who seek the path of living a powerful life.”

Evan Sanders, Former student, Senior at Santa Clara University and creator of The Better Man Project

“Read this blog. Seriously, read it. Subscribe to it so you don’t miss a word. You don’t want to miss the thoughts in this girl’s head and I promise you’ll laugh while you’re learning. Tracy is the kind of girl you just want to be friends with…and thankfully for me, I am!”

Andrea Montgomery, Creative Genius and Founder of Andrea Montgomery Designs